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Payment methods and delivery


Postage/packaging, and conditions 12-06-27 until further notice.
Our system is designed for you customers get as low price as possible on the postage / packaging costs and can have multiple products packaged together to ettt very favorable price.
Take that exemel that you purchase merchandise up to 499 g WEIGHT / VALUE so you may very home of 50: -.

Read more at the bottom of the other terms.

-20g 12:- 70:-
-100g 20:- 80:-
-250g 32:- 90:-
-500g 48:- 100:-
-1000g 76:- 120:-
-2000g 96:- 140:-
0-3 kg 170:-
3-5 kg 190:-
5-10 kg 240:-
10-15 kg 300:-
15-20 kg 350:-
OPA ( Prices in SV. Kr.)BREV
-20g 20:- 100:-
-100g 36:- 125:-
-250g 66:- 150:-
-500g 96:- 180:-
-1000g 160:- 250:-
-2000g 250:- 340:-

0-3 kg 360:-
3-5 kg 430:-
5-10 kg 580:-
10-15 kg 750:-
15-20 kg 940:-

Our POSTAGE/PACKING prices are based on the following
First WEIGHT/VALUE means not only the weight of the article, but can be more if it is skrymande or goes over a weight limit when the article is packed. But it can also mean that for example, a sticker will lower the value so you can get 4-6 pieces at a lower postage than otherwise. Any bulky is counting.

2nd Considering Article 90 grams and emballget 40 will end on the 130 g and costs 30: -. Other articles of up to 249 g total, then, free shipping and the price stays fast current of 30: -.

3rd Light items of approximately 3 grams väderas to 3 grams (without an envelope) and may samfraktas for cheap cost. Ex. 6 stickers of 3 g can obtain a quired at 18 grams and cost 10: -.

4th We want YOU at the buyer shall have the total price clear to the ER without Dalda surprises afterwards. Therefore always the sum of PORTO / EMBALLGE the invoice shows.

5th Have questions about NI PORTO / EMBALLGE do not hesitate to email us.

6th All prices in the shop are including taxes in Swedish crowns, unless otherwise stated.

Delivery Area: We deliver all over the world are with VISA and Mastercad. We ship all over the world if You pay with Paypal, VISA and MASTERCARD.

Orders arrive before at. 17:30 are typically shipped the same day but within 1-2 non-holiday days. (Are we over there for some reason, we will provide notice under the ABOUT U.S.) We do not replace direct or indirect damage caused by that we deliver more than what is expected.

Delivery method: Orders are delivered with POST.


Today we offer our customers in Sweden, Finland and Norway to pay with Klarna Checkout.

Credit card: Visa, MasterCard. 3-D Secure used. All card transactions made via Dibs (the leading provider of payment services for e-commerce.) Betalväxels secure server. O.B.S. We at handling any card transactions or account! ALL our prices is in Swedish crons.

PAYPAL: For those who uses Paypal is no problem.

● We provide 14 days warranty receipt.
The goods must be unopened and unused and returned in the original packaging.
Return or exchange right will not be given on the purchase of products in the category - Sale or Clearance.
Customer is responsible for return shipping. Fatura / order form must be enclosed, or other documentation that shows who you are and when you traded by us.
Accounts that returns orders billed for the shipping cost that we incurred in connection with the delivery of the product.
Customer who cancel orders already passed by us charged for our uppkommna costs (shipping and return shipping).
The responsibility for the ordered goods passes to the buyer when the goods are sent to the POST or the respective carriers.
Transport damage must be reported immediately to the supplier, we are in these cases for any return shipping.
Other complaints must be notified to us within 14 days.
It is the responsibility of the buyer to check the arrival of the goods in terms of inaccuracy or INCORRECT DISPATCH.

● When you order from us, you give us at the time your permission to store your name, address and telephone number along with details of what you acted in our database.
We treat naturally your information personal documents with special attention and do not share them to someone else.

● We reserve the right for any final sale, price change or change specification of products and typos on the sides of the store. If you have any question, please feel free to write, call or e-mail your questions to us. More information can be found under Contact Us.